Hey, I’m Akshay Pillai

I’m an Entrepreneur, Engineer and curious Investor. You've discovered my piece on the internet.

Currently, I'm working as a venture capital  analyst at SVF, the University of Waterloo's venture fund,  during my free time, I consult with early-stage teams on strategy and fundraising.

I love working at the cross-section of Investment, Product and Growth.

I’ve collaborated with tech and marketing teams from all around the world to help and identify problems to solve for their platforms.

Currently, I'm looking for roles in private equity, strategy consulting or in early-stage start-up space.

Want to collaborate?  Mail me at a4santho@uwaterloo.ca or reach out to me on my Linkedin

About Denture Capital

I've always used writing as a way to structure my thoughts. Over the past few months, writing in public, especially on Linkedin and Dara.vc, has been crucial for me to learn and network with folks.

Writing about the ecosystem, venture capital, and tech has tremendously helped me in many ways, from bringing visibility to my profile, introductions, career roles, and even new friendships.

I want to continue doing that with Dara in a much more meaningful way, which reflects in Dara. vc's new overhaul. I want to continue analyzing startups, VC deals and ever-changing market dynamics.

My 2022 goal for Denture capital are

Reach 1 million folks through my contents
Build a small and curious team @Denture Cap who are passionate about startup , venture investment and more
Use Denture Cap to pass on all the interesting pieces of information that I learned by networking with founders, CXOs and investors.