Licious: India's first Meat Unicorn

In 2021 Licious raised $244 Million in its series F, G rounds making it one of the highest funded startup in the Indian food sector.

In 2021 Licious raised $244 Million in its series F, G rounds making it one of the highest funded startup in the Indian food sector.

For a long period, the Indian meat industry has been dominated by small and fragmented players.

The problem

99% of the time, as an average Indian 🇮🇳 👨, I have bought unbranded meat from local meet shops. Some of them was good, some of them wasnt. As a consumer, I didn't had the privilege to verify the quality and standards.

India has a $30 Billion meat market ripe for disruption, yet it wasn't taken seriously by any one before Licious.

Building a B2B startup is hard; building a B2c startup that delivers meat is even harder.


Licious - Born to meat has an unorthodox origin, founded by Abhay Hanjura, an ex googler and Vivek Gupta, a venture capitalist who has no background in the food or meat industry. They bought in a third co-founded with expertise in this domain.

Pain points Licious solving

  1. Fragmented market with unorganized local orders
  2. Unhygienic preparation process
  3. Lack of quality standards
  4. Lack of proper packaging systems ( consumers used to buy Meat in black plastic bags )

The Approch

Licious attempted to solve this by an end to end model, which included in-house meat processing and direct delivery to the consumer.

With the right team and focus on quality, Licious slowly built the correct infrastructure required to deliver meat from farms to consumers.

From the beginning, Licious founders saw Licious as a technology company.

They emphasized developing scalable technological systems that include predictive models for forecasting demands to smart pricing algorithms.

With the right team, technological process and a growing Indian meat market, in just 6 years, Licious scaled its operations and became Indias biggest meat and seafood brand.

Current Status

Licious currently operates in 14 Indian cities and they are planing are adding 20 more cities in the next six months.

Indian meat market does require a radical shift in consumer perspective to quality standards, and what Licious started is a necessary revolution🌍.

Licious's rapid growth and ideology have inspired several other founders to build innovative ventures in the Indian B2C space.

Kudos and Best wishes to Licious - Born to meat team, Abhay Hanjura and @Vivek Gupta Lead the way 🥂.

Licious is backed by investors including 3one4 Capital , vertex Ventures, AvendusBIIFund , Akshay Gulati , Temasek and Multiples Alternate Asset Management

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