At Dara Capital, we analyze successful venture-backed businesses, venture deals, and M&As and share the insights behind them. In the narratives, we try to look past the hype and understand the actual process, models and strategies used by the founders and other parties in the startup ecosystem.

Our micro-analysis can be insightful to anyone trying to understand the mechanics behind the venture ecosystem, both from the perspective of an operator ( founder, startup employees) or from the perspective of a capital allocator.

By sharing these insights, we want to help others get started. Today, starting and scaling up any technology-based venture is easier than ever. Please subscribe to support us and get our insights in your inbox!

What Dara Capital is not?

We are not a venture capital firm or a syndicate group.

Who runs Dara Capital?

My name is Akshay Pillai, and I started Denture Capital in January 2022. If you want to learn more about me, read my LinkedIn page.

We are always looking for new, exciting cases - Reach out to me at Akshay@dara.vc

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